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The PlayStation 5’s most innovative features are yet to be revealed, according to the man behind the new console.

Sony has revealed what seems to be a great deal of information about the new console, ahead of its release date later this year.

But that does not include the features that most differentiate it from previous consoles, which are yet to have been revealed, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has said in an interview.

The new comments were published soon after Sony’s presentation at the CES gadget show in Las Vegas. During that presentation, the upcoming PS5 was mentioned – but only to show off a new logo, which looks almost identical to the PS4’s.

Mr Ryan did not give away much detail on what would be coming in the new console, beyond what has already been announced. He ran through previously discussed new features such as a much faster SSD that will allow games to load far more quickly, 3D audio and more detailed haptic feedback in the controller.

But he then said that there are still further innovations to be revealed about the console.

After discussing those new features, he said that the “bigger differences” from previous consoles were yet to be announced.

Sony has said that the new PS5 will be ready for the “holiday” season towards the end of this year. Mr Ryan declined to give further indications of when it might come and how it will be rolled out across the world, but the company will presumably discuss both the new features and the release date later this year.

Both PlayStation and Xbox have revealed plenty of details about their new consoles, with both targeting a launch towards the end of the year.