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Fortnite players will soon be able save lives rather than end them thanks to a new creative gaming mode.

The LifeRun update will see players take the role of “International Red Cross heroes” that take part in life saving missions in the hugely popular video game.

The new creative mode will be debuted at the PAX South 2020 gaming festival in Texas on 17 January, with streaming star Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo among the first to demo it.

Fortnite developer Epic Games first introduced the creative mode to the game in 2018, allowing players to create custom maps and mini games.

Epic Games is yet to reveal more details about the LifeRun mode, though company founder Tim Sweeney hinted it is all part of Fortnite developing from a game into a platform.

He said on Twitter this would bring “more powerful Fortnite Creative tools so that creators outside of Epic can do the kinds of things with the game that only we can do right now”.

Fortnite did not respond to a request for comment on LifeRun but does not typically provide much information about unreleased features and modes.

On Friday, the game’s developers unveiled the Chapter 2 Season 1 Overtime Challenges, which allow players to earn rewards for completing the missions.

“You may have met the alter egos of Remedy and others, but it appears that more alternative forms exist,” Fortnite explained in a blog post announcing the new challenges. “Unlock these new forms by completing Overtime Challenges.”

New styles include the ‘Remedy vs Toxin Outfit’, the ‘Medaxe Pickaxe’, and the ‘Antidote Back Bling’.